1. Wow thank you for this! I have friends with straight hair and it’s hard for them to keep a curl, so I definitely want to pick up the Frederic Fekkai Full Blown Volume Styling Whip. Thanks for the great guide!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous with those curls! I have crazy frizzy wavy hair, and the only thing that helps me is the Conair Infinity curl secret. The best iron ever! Congrats on your Graduation!

  3. Omg, congratulations on your graduation, I know you must’ve been so proud! I can honestly NEVER get my curls to sit right, but these are absolutely perfect! I’m totally going to give your technique a try-thanks so much for sharing! <3

  4. I have wavy hair so most of the time when I want curls, I try to scrunch them up or plop. I really need to try curlers though, I think I’d like it a lot more. Thanks for the tips!

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