1. You are too cute! You actually remind me of myself when I was your age 🙂 I’m only 24 so it wasn’t THAT long ago lol but I love hair/makeup and went to school for fashion merchandising! You’re going to love the design program, I’ve never had so much fun in a class! Goodluck, I think you’ll do amazing!

    Xo, Maci

    • Thanks, Maci!! I just finished my first semester and so far I LOVE it! I haven’t even gotten into any of the sewing and fashion classes yet (those come next year), but I’m still having so much fun and learning so much. For my first year I have to learn all the basics of drawing and design elements, etc.

  2. You are so adorable! I felt so happy reading this, haha. I would choose either the second or third umbrella (I love a clear/rainbow combo) and that dress is sooo cute! You’re one talented girl!

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