1. It can be so hard to take care of your skin on the go but this post is so helpful! I’ve shared a similar one on my blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are all fantastic tips. I couldn’t agree more… just need to practice some of them better. I am great about drinking water bc I made it a habit to always bring a refillable water bottle, washing my face I am good about as well. But, continuing on my diet plan when I am with my hubby and kids on vacay is rough. Although, if I go without them I’m fine. Peer pressure I suppose.

  3. I was as good as I could have been about most of these this weekend at the outdoor festival. Staying hydrated is so important.

  4. These are all great travel skincare tips! I travel often and struggle to drink enough water. When your on the run, checking bags and rushing for a flight it’s easy to overlook. Thanks for the reminder and timely suggestions.

    • Don’t tell me that, Chrissa! lol You run a fitness blog…you know how important hydration is. 🙂 I’ll just pretend I never heard you mention it. hehe (And, keep up the great work! xoxo, e)

  5. Great tips! I love the Simply face products and traveling with all my products can be a pain. So the next time I go to the store I’m going to pick up some of the wipes.

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